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The fitness industry is fixated with building bodies. MoveLab Pro is focused on bodies that are built to last.

This distinction is a novel concept in an industry that is thriving on the illusion of choice. In the conflict between truth and fitness, there are two choices: On one end of the spectrum, virtually every program out there is pushing hard work as the cure-all for athletic underachievement, and when that leads athletes to injury, on the other end of the spectrum, Physical Therapy and Rehab await. It’s easy to assume that this is all there is.

From a business perspective, this paradigm makes sense. Hard work is grueling, but seductive. Everywhere you look there are images of shimmering, hard bodies flipping tires, hand springing and jacking-up barbells—it’s an easy sell. Physical Therapy is an even easier sell, you’re broken and you need to be fixed. The two spheres certainly enjoy a degree of symbiosis.

To be clear, I am not denigrating hard work as a means of achieving your athletic goals and I’m certainly not saying that when you find yourself with an injury to avoid seeing a physical therapist or doctor.

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Soft Work is unheralded, mundane, and nuanced.

The details matter—a lot. It’s the stuff that successful Pro Athletes engage in with increased frequency as they get deeper in their career and reach the level where the slightest edge can make the biggest difference, and as their bodies mature and require a greater degree of refinement and focus to both prepare for and recover from training and competition. MoveLab Pro programs are designed for athletes of all levels and ages looking to level-up.

MoveLab Pro is the source for curated Soft Work sequences that take you through the soft-tissue release, joint mobility, our unique flexibility formula, strength and integration techniques that Professionals use. Get more out of your Hard Work, with Soft Work.

MoveLab Pro programming begins with one simple principle:

Be the Athlete that’s Built to Last.

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As a strength and conditioning coach of nearly 20 years, a former nationally ranked swimmer and dedicated surfer of 35 years, I have learned from experience dealing with my own issues and those of my clients how to effectively apply the principles of Soft Work that allow me to still, in my 40’s, perform at the same level I did in my 20’s and 30’s while continuing to train hard, minimize injury and most importantly, feel good!

In addition to my private practice, I have spent the last 8 years running the corporate wellness program for Zynga (one of the top gaming companies in Silicon Valley/San Francisco) where my company, Ethos Health Co., has had the privilege of training and teaching these techniques to thousands of corporate employees. Two-and-a-half years ago, my wife Emerald and I opened yogabeach, a yoga studio on Ocean Beach, San Francisco, where we have been honored to introduce the MoveLab Pro approach to the yogis, surfers and athletes in our community. Drop me a line here.